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Why Veronica Mars Is One Of The Best Female Leads On TV


The story of Veronica Mars is proof that you just can’t keep a good idea down. After three critically-acclaimed seasons that achieved only modest ratings, Veronica Mars was cancelled, much to the chagrin of Marshmallows around the world (diehard Veronica Mars fans).

But as we have seen so often with television shows that develop cult followings, ‘cancelled’ doesn’t mean they’re going to stay cancelled. In less than five hours, a kickstarter project initiated by series creator Rob Thomas and star Kirsten Bell to produce a film based on the television show raised $1 million.

The initial target of $2 million was reached within 10 hours and after a month 91,585 Marshmallows ended up raising $5,702,153 for the cause. Why are so many people willing to put so much time, energy and money into this project?

Well, a lot of it has to do with the titular character. Sharp, sassy and multi-dimensional, Veronica Mars is one of the best female leads to grace our television screens. Before you check out the movie and discover this Warner Bros series for yourself, read this article and gain some insight into Veronica Mars.

Kristen Bell

Arguably, Kristen Bell has never been as good as she was when she was playing the sassy, sardonic Mars. Starring in the titular role as the high school student moonlighting as a PI, Bell excelled bringing her own distinct characterisation to the role. It was her first step into the big time and she has never looked back.


Sharp, snappy dialogue and engaging stories helped make Veronica Mars a must-see television show. A lot of the themes presented in the show still ring true today, and watching Veronica Mars navigate through the pitfalls of being a part-time PI in Neptune, California is just part of what makes her such a compelling, believable lead.

Feminist Icon

Veronica Mars never really fit into the classic feminist hallmarks. Kristen Bell portrays her as someone who’s brave, witty and smart. But it’s the honest, refreshing characterisation and the portrayal of her realistic flaws that makes her such a strong feminist icon. There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about Veronica. She’s a real character who makes real mistakes and feels real emotions. In an artificial world, it’s refreshing to see such a realistic portrayal of women.


If for no other reason, it’s definitely worth checking out Veronica Mars for the laughs. Veronica as a character is hilarious with a snappy, sassy portrayal complementing writing is that is bang on, which many have compared to Joss Whedon’s popular Buffy The Vampire Slayer series.

You just can’t keep a good thing down and Veronica Mars continues to be such a relevant and compelling show due to the portrayal of the main character. Do you agree with this? Are you yet to discover this great television series? Check out this Warner Brothers television series to discover why Veronica Mars is one of the best female leads.

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Hey I just read one of your fan fiction about Hollywood heights I love it but you stop I want you can please keep going it was called fated truths please keep going and I follow you on twitter

Hi!!! Thank you so much!! I’m not stopping that one. I just started it and I’m super excited about it. I am finishing up the update to Remember Me (have you read that one? ) today and then I am going to work on Fated Truths this weekend. I’m on bed rest so I have a ton of time to write. I so appreciate the support that the Leddie fans have given me. That is the first fandom that I have written fan fiction for and I am so blown away by the positive experience I have received. What is your Twitter name? I will follow back…there and here. Thanks again so much. 

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